Mobile App Development

Android – a fastest growing operating system of Smartphone devices has been popular with its every update. Its versatile, user-friendly applications & flexibility has made it more favorable. Our expert team has updated knowledge of the latest Android release invents profitable Android apps.

Step in Business Hub is the fastest growing Android app development company offering professional android app development services. Our customer base ranges from small to medium-sized businesses, including start-ups. We work closely with clients to understand their requirements and suggest them, cost-effective, scalable and robust mobile solutions.

Our Professional team of android app Developers performs deep research and analysis to meet your requirements and expectations. Accessing a wide range of tools and technologies we create customized applications which are powerful and scalable for any android devices. We are providing android application development service globally.

Why us:

  1. We have Certified Android app developers team who are highly skilled and possess in-depth understanding level to build apps for the wide range of Android enabled devices.
  2. Work expertise to build Android apps as per the client’s requirements.
  3. Full support of Making Changes in Whenever client is having Need.
  4. Best Attractive Interface Designing.
  5. Easy and Secure App Development.
  6. Quick Service to Deliver Projects.
  7. Best App in Lowest Price in the market.

Apps for Salon

By far the most popular category among types of apps, as more than 24% of all mobile applications, available in the App Store, fall into this section. Nothing surprising surely, and the average personal time spent on games would only increase, according to the same research.

Mobile gaming has always been thriving, prompting app developers to invest more time and resources into creating new games and mobile versions of well-known stationary games.

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Apps for School

These are software applications that behave in a fashion similar to native applications. Web apps use a browser to run and are usually written in HTML5, JavaScript or CSS. These apps redirect a user to URL and offer “install” option by simply creating a bookmark to their page.

Web applications require a minimum of device memory, as a rule. As all personal databases are saved on a server, users can get access from any device whenever there is an internet connection. That is why the use of web apps with a poor connection would result in a bad user experience. The drawback is access to not that many APIs for developers, with exception of geolocation and few others.

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Hybrid apps

They are built using multi-platform web technologies. So-called hybrid apps are mainly website applications disguised in a native wrapper. Apps possess the usual pros and cons of both native and web mobile applications.

Hybrid multi-platform apps are fast and relatively easy to develop – a clear advantage. The single code base for all platforms ensures low-cost maintenance and smooth updates. Widely used APIs, like gyroscope, accelerometer, geolocation are available.

On the other hand, hybrid applications lack in performance, speed and overall optimization in comparison to native apps for instance. Also, there are certain design issues due to app inability to look in exactly the same way on two or more platforms.

Business apps

Also referred to as productivity apps, they hold the second place with the considerable 10% share. Modern-day smartphones are capable of performing many complex tasks on the run.

Billing, buying, booking, sending emails, and tracking working progress – you name it. Business apps vary from B2B applications to office and personal apps to boost productivity and minimize expense: imagine that you can find Android app developers for hire recruit a new sales-manager or buy new cartridges for your office printers just with one tap.

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Entertainment apps

We are talking about streaming, chatting, searching events, watching videos online, posting photos to Instagram and so on. Applications for entertainment are often closely related to gaming due to the same goal – to agitate your mind.

These are the apps that have a tendency to invoke a kind of dependency, they keep us engaged, logged in, always checking for updates. On the bright side, imagination and talent of app creators bring lots of fresh and fun things to our lives, so we will never be bored again, that’s for sure.

Utility apps

Utility software is used on a daily basis by literally every one of us, we don’t even realize it. Though unlike other types of apps, utility apps display the shortest user session times. People use these to just get things done and move on. Falling into top categories of mobile apps can be explained by a sheer number of practical individuals leveraging their gadgets to full potential. For example, taxi apps. However, the most popular types of applications here are scanners, trackers, healthcare, first aid manuals, etc.

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Travel apps

Travel apps’ purpose is 100% crisp and clear, as the title suggests – to make your traveling easier, more comfortable, fun and informative. Some of them turn your Smartphone into a universal travel diary, some can literally guide you through the unknown sites abroad using maps, and some provide translation assistance. That’s why most of today’s tourists seem to be digitally-savvy all-knowing travelers.